41 An Active Role in College Life | Alisa Rosenthal

During my three years at Gustavus, I have become deeply integrated into the activities of the College. My service to the greater Gustavus community is evidenced through my participation in the formal college governance process and through my participation in a wide range of college activities. Last year, I was elected by my faculty colleagues to serve on the search committee for the new Provost/Vice-President for Academic Affairs. I have served as a member of the Faculty Committee on Student Life for two years and currently serve as chair (and consequently as a member of the AACC).

I also play an active role in college life beyond the formal governance process. I have participated in summer registration for new students and served as a faculty facilitator for discussions during New Student Orientation. The Gustie Greeters invited me to give the annual faculty address to new students at the President’s Banquet in my second year at Gustavus, and I have served as the faculty representative to the Greek Judicial Board since its inception in the spring of 2005. On the request of the Dean of Student Affairs Hank Toutain and the then-co-presidents of the Student Senate, I moderated the “Campus Caucus” discussion following the drawing of a swastika in the snow in the courtyard of Uhler Hall. I serve as a member of the Commencement Committee and, beginning this fall, will serve as a member of the advisory board to the Diversity Center. In addition, I participated in the Hurricane Katrina Teach-In as well as Roe v Wade anniversary panel discussions, a forum to discuss last spring’s U.S. Supreme Court Gonzales v Carhart decision, and Constitution Day events. I participate in Admissions Office events as well as serving as a Presidential Scholarship interviewer for accepted prospective students. Finally, I advise two student organizations, Gusties for Choice, and “The Round Table”, a new group seeking to create a space for serious intellectual and political debate and discussion among the students.

In keeping with our commitment to academic excellence and, in the words of our Strategic Directions document, “aim[ing] for the highest levels of academic achievement,” I spent much of January-term 2007 developing a proposal to better assist our highest-achieving students in competing for and winning nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships. As part of this project, I have consulted with the Dean of Student Affairs, representatives of the Advising Center, the Career Center, Corporate and Foundation Relations, Institutional Advancement, current and former GUNISA advisers, the Provost and Dean of Faculty’s offices, and several students interested in competing for these awards.

Service to the Political Science Department. I have served as a committee member for the American Politics search, recording secretary for department meetings, as a subcommittee member for the selection of departmental writing award and Christenson scholarship winners, and as co-advisor to Pi Sigma Alpha, the political science honor society. In addition, I am currently the departmental liaison to the library. Working with Jill Locke, I have revised the political theory curriculum in the political science department by introducing a new introductory course in political and legal thinking (POL 160: Introduction to Political and Legal Thinking) and moving the historical survey courses in Ancient and Modern political theory to the intermediate level. I revised the department’s public law offerings to divide the Constitutional Law course from a one-semester course into a two-semester sequence. As the department prepares for its departmental review, I have been an active participant in our conversations about assessment, future goals, and departmental mission.

Service to the Women’s Studies Program. In addition to teaching a course (POL 285: Sex, Power, and Politics) which counts for the Women’s Studies’ minor, I became a member of the Women’s Studies Committee during my first year at Gustavus and coordinated Explorations, our monthly colloquium, for two years. I also serve on the Program’s Subcommittee on the Status of Women. Finally, I serve as academic advisor to Women’s Studies majors and minors.


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